How many times did you come across a recipe that calls for minced garlic?

Unlike green onion, ginger or other herbs that you can just rinse and chop up when needed, garlic requires a certain amount of work to prepare before using. Minced garlic, one of the most common used ingredients in either restaurants or home cooking, appears very often in recipes.

How To Make Minced Garlic At Home That Lasts For Weeks

What do you do when you need minced garlic for cooking?

Do you manually pick off some garlic cloves from the bulk; try to carefully peel off the skin until you lose your patience; spend a good couple minutes finely chop them? By the time the actual cooking starts, 10 minutes have gone by and you feel you’ve done so much work already.

How To Make Minced Garlic At Home That Lasts For Weeks #mincedgarlic #kitchentips #howtos

Or, maybe you have a handy garlic press in your kitchen.

Or, you purchase bottled minced garlic directly from the grocery store to avoid all that hassle and save time.

Homemade Minced Garlic #mincedgarlic #garlic

We are totally with you about saving that precious time and being able to just scoop up however much minced garlic we need so that we can start cooking right way. Having pre-prepared minced garlic at all times in my kitchen has been one of the essentials to my daily cooking. However, we prefer to crush a fresh garlic bulk from the farmer’s market and mince it at home, not just for cooking one dish, but for making multiple meals in the next couple of weeks.

Homemade Minced Garlic #mincedgarlic #garlic

This trick was taught by a restaurant owner in San Francisco. We have been applying it to my home cooking ever since then and it makes our lives so much easier. The secret of making chopped garlic last longer is to soak it in oil. It prevents the garlic to turn green and preserves the freshness.

With the right tool, making homemade minced garlic that lasts for weeks is actually trivial. Here’s a step-by-step instruction to show you how to do that. Hope you find it helpful.

Part One: Remove Garlic Skin

1. Break off the cloves from a garlic head.

Homemade Minced Garlic #mincedgarlic #garlic

2. Cut off the ends of each clove.

Homemade Minced Garlic #mincedgarlic #garlic

3. Place the flat side of a clove against your cutting board.

4. Use your chef’s knife with one hand holding the knife handle; place either flat side of your knife against the garlic clove; make sure that the sharp side of the blade is facing away from you and the garlic clove is closer to the handle of the knife.

Homemade Minced Garlic #mincedgarlic #garlic

5. Press down on the side of the knife blade against the garlic clove strongly with the palm of your free hand. Or just give it a punch if you have small hands like me.

Homemade Minced Garlic #mincedgarlic #garlic

6. At this point, the garlic clove is a little smashed and the skin is pretty much completely detached from the garlic.

Homemade Minced Garlic #mincedgarlic #garlic

7. Easily remove the skin with your hand.

Homemade Minced Garlic #mincedgarlic #garlic

8. Do the same with the rest of the garlic cloves.

Part Two: Chop Up The Garlic And Preserve

9. If you have an electric chopper, now is the perfect time to use it. A good blender/food processor like Ninja will work as well. Otherwise, finely chop the garlic manually.

10. Place chopped garlic in a small bowl or a small container with a lid; slowly pour extra virgin olive oil into the bowl until the garlic is completely covered by the oil. The amount of oil you use depends on the size of your garlic. Give it a gentle stir.

Homemade Minced Garlic #mincedgarlic #garlic

11. Now cover it with plastic wrapper or lid and keep refrigerated. The minced garlic can be stored for at least two weeks.

Homemade Minced Garlic #mincedgarlic #garlic

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